Week 3

This week was a little busier then the two weeks before. I helped a lot with repairing clothes and also started with my blazer. I made a sample blazer to see if it will fit well. I started making the real blazer, I also did the collar.

week 4

This week I’ve been absent for two days so it was a short week. I finished the collar on my blazer, the rest of the time I helped with repairing chars like putting new zippers in jeans and making trousers shorter.

week 5

This week I did a lot. I helped a lot with repairing chars but also did a lot of work on my blazer. I found out I made a mistake in the sleeves of my blazer, I made both sleeves for right arms, I thought this was a pretty stupid mistake but it can happen to anyone.

week 6

This week was also a short week. This tuesday we went on a trip with school to Tilburg to the textile museum. Because I had to sit in the train back to home for four hours I got home very late so my boss said I could get a day off after. The other two days I helped a lot with repairing chars and did a little bit of work on my blazer.


4 favorite bloggers:

Larissa was born in a small town in ’89 and always felt the urge to seek for the extraordinary. This psychologist, turnt stylist uses her blog to radiate not only her love for fashion & beauty, but moreover the power of selfconfidence and sincerity. In addition to her blog, Larissa has contributed to Modemag, World Fashion Centre, Glamour USA and Amsterdam FM.

Soraya was born in Suriname South America, currently living in the Netherlands Europe. Her love for arts and crafts of her younger days never went away and she can share it now with via her DIY’s and tutorials on the blog. After a few years and  small request she wanted to take things a bit more seriously and started to make jewels for sale. So she started selling on festivals and local events and opened her own online shop on
And that’s where she’s now with her story; at the beginning of what she hopes a big future in fashion.

Mounira started this blog because everyday people would say to her she should start her own blog. She is very various, she does acting, presenting, loves gossip, glitter and glamour, she gives acting workshops and is lifestyle expert for television. Besides all that she also is a mother.

  • Nilofar Yaqoubi –

Her full name is Nilofar Nila Yaqoubi and she’s living in Delft, The Netherlands. She’s 22 years old. She’s studying fashion, styling and design at the Hague. Except for fashion she’s also obsessed with soccer. She’s playing in a women’s team and is really enjoying it. She’s interested in fashion, art, lifestyle and beauty and that’s what she mainly writes about on her blog.

  • What do these four bloggers have in common?

Besides the fact that they all love fashion they all have in common that they’re also interested and blogging about lifestyle.

  • Are they successful?

I think Larissa, Soraya and Mounira are successfull in different ways. Soraya and Larissa are successful in the fashion industry, because Soraya has begun her own online jewelery shop and Larissa has contributed to Modemag, World Fashion Centre, Glamour USA and Amsterdam FM. Mounira is succesfull in an other way cause she’s a mother and also does different things with acting. Larissa also is successful in an other way cause she’s a psychologist. I think cause Nilofar is still in school she’s not very successful yet, but with her blog she has a good head start.

Explaining in one word what they stand for:

  • Larissa – selfconfidence
  • Soraya – creativity
  • Mounira – versatility
  • Nilofar – attitude

5 difficult words from each blog:

  • Larissa’s:

extraordinary – buitengewoon
psychologist – psychologe
selfconfidence – zelfverzekerdheid
sincerity – oprechtheid
contributed – bijgedragen

  • Soraya’s:

currently – momenteel
request – verzoek
DIY’s (do it yourself’s) – doe het zelf’s
tutorials – geen letterlijke vertaling, het zijn filmpjes waarin iemand laat zien hoe iets moet
jewels – sieraden

  • Mounira’s:

various – gevarieerd
presenting – presenteren
gossip – praatjes
expert – expert
besides – naast

  • Nilofar’s:

studying – studeren
styling – stijlen
exept – behalve
enjoying – genieten
interested – geïnteresseerd


This week also started out very quiet. Since there was not much work to do, I could begin with my assignment for school which is making a jacket. I didn’t want to make just a jacket so I chose to make a pair of trousers with it as sort of a suit. I drew the patterns last friday so I could start cutting the fabric on tuesday. It took me all day long to cut the fabric since it was a lot, but I also had to cut a lot of lining. Of wednesday a lot of clothing came in for repair so the rest of the week I’ve helped my boss with repairing clothes.


This week I started my internship at ‘De Gouden Schaar Stadskanaal’. I chose this place because I live in a very small village named Vlagtwedde and there’s not much choice in places nearby where I could do my internship. Also this place seemed a good place where I can learn a lot. My first week started out quiet, I helped my boss with some repairs of trousers (making them shorter for example) and had to replace some zippers in jackets and jeans. There was not much work to do since it has not been a busy week so I could leave early on friday.